STIMULUS: Covid 19 is having a major impact upon the Australian economy, and as such, the government gave people receiving welfare payments $750.00 to help stimulate the economy. My family received that payment, and we used part of it to buy a cubby for our youngest kidlet Luthien. Our parks are closed atm, and we felt that she needed something to play in, on and around in our backyard. This photograph features my middle child Katrina helping me paint the cubby.

ACORN: Acorn is my eldest child’s cat. Her life has not changed a great deal. She is asocial and avoids social situations as much as possible. Acorn and the few friends she associates with online are enough for her.

SUNDAY: I happened to pass by the park on Sunday. We have beautiful parks in my town. It is strange seeing them so empty and quiet on a Sunday. Nothing but birds.

EVENING WALK: It is nice walking around the block at night, no one watching you walk by, and lots of frogs, toads and cricket to keep the little one amused.

ASSIGNMENT: What do they say? Never work with children or animals? I know why. But she is cute so I forgive her.

LUCY AT THE BEACH: With restrictions easing, we were finally able to take Lucy down to the beach again. She spent most of the time chasing things, seagulls, waves, other kids. It was a good day.