The Rockhampton Skyline series sets out to capture the unique profile of some of the older buildings around Quay St and Quay Lane in Rockhampton QLD.  At street level, many of these buildings have been modernized to fit the look of the day, but when you look up, you see glimpses of what was; scenes of yesteryear.

Captured in black and white as a nod to the past, these images serve as a reminder to look up, sneak and peek through the cracks, explore the laneways, the alleys and the gardens. Find those small reminders of what Rockhampton used to be, and cherish those physical reminders of the city’s heritage. 

Esoteric is an ongoing photo series of black and white photographs that document intimate relationships in my life. I like to capture ‘little’ moments. There is meaning in this ambiguity. It is a bit like memory. As time moves on, memory fades. But we remember the little things. Little moments in a wider narrative.

Covid_19 is a series of photographs accompanied by diegetic sound that document our lives (my family) during social isolation. We are located in a small regional town in Queensland.