Break me,
Shatter my bones with your hate.

Tie me down with the blood of my own body,

your words slice away at my resolve.

Steal my spine,
I crumble at your feet.


Melt my heart and make me forget,
lock away the darkness and throw away the key
Pandoras box of tears,
do not open.

Bathe me in sunlight,
no shadows will I see,
take the mirror and smash my soul

I am already broken so what does it matter.

Wind winding,
Leaves swaying,
Sun shimmers,
Shadows dance.

Wind strengthens,
Trees shudder,
Skies darken,
Thunder roars.

Lightening Flashes,
Wind’s howling,
Rain’s falling,
Summer storm.

Embrace me.

White flesh,
Cold as death,
Tenderly enfold.

Drag me down.


The water burns my lungs.

Mermaid kisses,
Biting fishes,
Drifting with the tide.


What now little bird,
all tattered and torn
Your feathers are broken,
You spirit forlorn

No tears can you weep,
that well has run dry
But your heart flows a river
you moment is nigh

Hope, little bird
Astir in your breast
in the the darkest of hours
your strength will attest

on wings made of joy
your spirit will try
To beat back the black depths
And re-learn how to fly

Dark Water,
Mirror bright and still.

Smooth surface,
Hiding deep dark thoughts.

Raging tide,
Churning far below.

Hapless swimmer,
Drowning in the depths.